Lorinda and Stephen
“Omg!! Kylie is AMAZING!! She really took the time to get to know my family to understand our fears, strengths and expectations. On the day she knew just exactly what to do. For us the birth happened very very quickly and not only did Kylie make it there in time she gave us peace of mind that someone we knew understood our situation. After having the baby Kylie was absolutely remarkable. So amazingly caring and generous. One of the most supportive empowering women I know. I was so very appreciative of Kylie’s support and care and I’m so very glad we met her”

Jenna Lee and Blake
“Kylie is the most empowering, supportive, caring and calm person we’ve ever met. She worked with us to debrief post first child, prepare for bub 2, supported use throughout our pregnancy, birth and beyond. Kylie truly goes above and beyond. We truly had the most positive birth and are having the most amazing experience this time round and highly recommend Kylie!”

Natasha and Simon
Kylie was an excellent support to me in my first (and high risk pregnancy). Her caring and nurturing personality always put me at ease. Kylie was only ever a phone call away if I needed guidance or support and on the day of the birth was there as soon as we rang her. I instantly felt immensely calmer knowing that she was there with us! Excellent. She was a lifesaver! Understanding, caring, supportive, great listener. Kylie has an energy about her that always calms me down when I am in her presence. She also is not a judgemental person which is why I felt so comfortable being completely naked during the birth.
Kylie was great, coming by to visit the day we got out of hospital for a debrief and chat. Being a first time parent I felt more at ease having someone experienced home with us on that first day!
Kylie was a great communicator and excellent and patient listener!
Kylie always conducted herself in a professional and caring mannerWhat you liked the most about the experience …Having someone who knew me throughout the pregnancy and who I trusted to be there to support us during the process and give my hubby a time out if needed!
Kylie was great and I look forward to having her as my Doula again when we have bub no 2! 🙂

Becky and Eduardo
” a nurturing motherly figure & your ability to listen
Strengths – “Your ability to provide empathy, empowerment & insights
The way you provided support and insights was through your own personal experiences or ones you had heard/read of, this approach was really comforting and worked well. You provided appropriate, helpful information, fun, relaxed, very accommodating of other children (thank you for being so inclusive and taking time to get to know them). Post natal care – “Very supportive, provided space to listen and space to answer concerns re baby and provided lots of knowledge about skin to skin and baby massage. I loved the healing teas & essences. I loved knowing I could text someone whenever. Also your idea to go out for lunch to end the process, with 3 kids it was so nice to be baby free for one meal
Communication was clear, warm and understanding. You were professional, yet warm & nurturing.
I enjoyed the space to express my feelings through pregnancy/birth & baby
I felt safe enough to express myself and safe enough to receive information in ways I would not normally be open to”
Having a doula was such a healing gift to our family!  You were like an angel that flew in to our lives, loved, supported, enlightened us and flew away!  We are still learning from the journey – the things you shared with us and opened our hearts to.  The lessons that really supported us was self care and learning how to support each other – the way you so gently approached these topics by sharing little parts of your own life worked well for us.  Also grateful for the resources you shared, esp the Buddhist parenting cd’s. Thank you for your referrals and concern for my ongoing care and for being our Doula!!

Emma and Brendon
Kylie provided great care to us and our family. She was very willing to help and provide assistance and opinions when required, something that we were very grateful for.
Our baby girl was in a bit of a rush to enter the world and I left it longer then I would have liked to call Kylie, as soon as I did though she was right there for us. Kylie did an amazing job at supporting us and our decisions. She understood how important it was to us that I was able to birth the placenta naturally, after about 30 minutes  the midwife was becoming a little concerned and wanted to give me the injection to help bring on the placenta. Without Kylie I feel like we wouldn’t have been able to stand up for what we wanted, she ensured that our wishes were carried out and spoke to the midwife for us. I birthed the placenta naturally just short of one hour after I birthed our baby girl.
Kylie was a great support in planning the birth of our daughter. She was very willing to listen to what I didn’t like about the birth of our son and what we could do to try and ensure that those things weren’t repeated.
We met Kylie at the birth centre about 15 minutes before the birth of our daughter. During this time she was very helpful and reassuring.
Your strengths are that you have a gift to be able to support women and adapt to their needs without being pushy or in your face.
Kylie is a gentle soul whose light shines through that she truly enjoys what she does.
The best experience about having Kylie present at the birth of our daughter was the reassurance that she was there purely for us and to assist us in having the birth that was so important to us.

Rebecca and Gavin
We found Kylie to be an extremely competent, knowledgeable, personable, caring and professional doula. Kylie demonstrated excellent doula skills – both basic and advanced as far as we understand them!
I expected that most of the birth planning would take place in my consultations with our midwife. However, in the end, most of the planning and in-depth discussion about options for the birth happened in the sessions with Kylie. I found that she was able to give us a range of options without judgement, and allowed us to articulate what felt best for us. She also gave us some examples and these – combined with other resources she gave us (books and DVDs) were extremely helpful in assisting us to formulate our ideal birth scenario, while also keeping realistic about other eventualities.
Kylie was an absolute rock during my labour experience. We appreciated her calmness and constant encouragement, her amazing massages, and her professionalism at every stage. She was very flexible, and offered to support us through the labour whenever we felt we needed her support. In the end, this was for most of the labour. She offered a range of techniques to help me through as the labour progressed, including acupressure and massage and different positions.
As the active labour stage was very fast, I ended up birthing at home (despite planning to birth the baby at the Canberra Birth Centre). At no point during the process did I feel anxious or concerned about this eventuality, mostly due to Kylie’s calm presence and my trust in her ability to assist us through the labour and birth. My partner also found her support invaluable – he took great strength from her presence and guidance on the journey, particularly as the whole experience was so new to him. She created space for my partner and I to be together during the labour, but was also on hand when we needed her.Kylie and I debrief about the birth and labour approximately 3 months after the birth. This was a very useful process in which Kylie was able to fill in some blanks and I was left with a fuller picture of the birth experience. It also helped me integrate and reflect positively on all aspects of the experience.
Kylie has numerous strengths, including: 1) her holistic approach and knowledge – her experience of providing Reiki, Massage, Bowen therapy and knowledge of homeopathy and tissue salts were very helpful to us, as we were seeking a more holistic approach to birthing. 2) Her wonderful interpersonal skills and ability to laugh, 3) her ability to relate her own experiences of mothering and life experience to offer wisdom for new parents, 4) her confidence in her clients and her ability to listen to/be attuned to their needs, 5) her quiet support and incredible generosity of spirit.The appointment content was excellent. We covered many topics that were very helpful to the birth and first few weeks of mothering. The combination of emotional work, relaxation and more general information about birth/labour/parenting were really good. Kylie also provided us with many great resources, especially books and DVDs – these were particularly helpful as they really expanded our idea of what was possible in terms of a calm and joyous birth.
Very good post natal care and the sense of consistency was really wonderful. Being offered a reiki or massage treatment a few weeks after the birth was so nice! And having the option to call on Kylie to do a babysitting session in the future was really generous. It has been really meaningful to have Kylie meet and spend a bit of time with our daughter Sylvie, given that she was so integral to her entering the world.
Excellent communication  – Kylie is very good at explaining and communicating ideas, and has exceptional interpersonal skills. She was also responsive to our messages and requests for advice, and was fantastic at connecting us to other professionals (e.g. post natal support doula)
Her personal conduct was exemplary. Always professional, caring and offered measured and sage advice. We most appreciated having someone who was attuned to our needs and really ‘on the same page‘ as us in terms of respecting our personal values and approach to the birth.
I would like to note that Kylie often went above and beyond for us and we are very grateful to her for that. Her calm presence made the birth experience what it was.

Jaime and James
I felt well informed and like I made the best choices I could in the situation. I also felt like I was able to move through this experience rather than bottle it up to process later. I was present.
The biggest moment that stood out for me was post birth having both Elodie and myself supported as we recovered from the process rather than James having to choose between us.
The things I found most useful in our Doula Sessions were the practical Techniques, Stages of Labour, Meditations, Birth Planning, Resources, Laughs, Respite Care, Pampering and Emotional support.
Having you “on call” being able to chat and message in between sessions alleviated the pressure of getting it perfect when we were together and having to cover every little thing off. It also respected the flexible nature of pregnancy and birth. Your messages also lifted me up every single time you knew exactly what to say in the moment. Very grateful for your way with words.
Favourite session was Post birth! Because you were my only visitor that was there purely for me. To see me, to hear me, to celebrate and honour my truth my experience. While you enjoyed meeting Elodie it was so clear to me that I was your focus. I really needed that thank you.
What surprised you most about this experience was that there was much room to grow and learn. Also how much we hadn’t processed from the first birth experience even though it has been 7 years!
You met our expectations – Absolutely you were everything we hoped for and more 😊
You have the most amazing depth and breadth of experience perhaps I wasn’t paying full attention but I felt like I didn’t truly appreciate that that until as we went so much of it unfolded. I wish I had used some it at my disposal sooner.