Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education – The Mongan Method

Includes: 5 x 2 1/2 Birth preparation sessions either in a group with other couples or one on one offered in your home.
Specific education that includes hypnosis tools to minimise fear, anxiety and perception of pain, breathing and acupressure techniques, reboso and so much more… all to assist couples in achieving calm, empowered birth with minimal intervention.

You receive Hypnobirthing textbook, Relaxation MP3 scripts and many other additional resources. 

Topics covered in the Course are: 
Stages of labour

Relaxation / Self Hypnosis                         Acupressure & Rebozo skills
Nutrition for Pregnancy & Birth                The 4th Trimester & Breastfeeding
Support techniques for Dad / Partner       Breathing & Visualisation Techniques
Know your body & the birth process        Special circumstances /Medical intervention                 
Natural techniques to initiate labour        Massage for reducing or eliminating pain
Working with the hormones of birth        Positions & movement for labour & birth
Pre & Perinatal bonding                           Advocating for your birth choices