Dancing for Birth Classes 
       Childbirth Education with a difference! 
                        	Find your rhythm for Birth 😊 

Every class you will experience: 
Relaxation, Movement, Joy, Education, Laughter, Breathwork, Mother’s company, Singing, Music, Friendship
Great conversation & insight into yourself about your body, birth, baby all through forms of dance.

You will have the opportunity to tap into your birth instincts, gain confidence in your body’s ability to birth your baby and enjoy the positive well-being that dancing with other mothers create. Partners are welcome also. 

What do you do in a class? 	
Welcome song/ Breathwork 
Choose an Affirmation card to set an intention for the class
Relaxation/ Mindfulness for connection with self & baby. 
Learn a dance style such as Middle Eastern, African, Hawaiian, Indian, Latin-American
Adorn yourself with coin and head scarfs, skirts, veils to fully honour the dance style. 
Learn “Dancing for Birth” labour positions/comfort measures moves such as “Mighty Mumma, Dance Baby down, Drop the hip” that include evidence based positions that can assist you in Birth. 
Learn about birth physiology, childbirth education concepts – eg. reboso techniques, pelvis asymmetry – benefits of assisting baby to move through the pelvis, optimal positioning, glass of water visual aid, toothpaste example  
Circle work, grounding meditation or poem reading; Closing song. 

Come and try an Introduction 90 minute class … Call Kylie on 0402078003 for details or contact me on FB:@KylieCoadDoula or send a message to me by email to  kylie@heartfelthealingtherapies.com – Hope to see you there !!!!!