Body Therapies



A soft tissue body therapy working primarily with assisting fluid to be rebalanced throughout the body. It is renowned for restoring function in joints, recovering from injury/trauma, balancing the nervous system and grounding the emotions.   



A gentle energetic hands-on form of relaxation. Through applying a series of hand positions to the body, it can assist in the process of letting go of the busy-ness of life and in creating an overall sense of peace.    

Fusion Acupressure


Combines gentle touch with specific principles of healing from the five-element Acupressure Meridian system, Medical Qi Gong and Psych-K. The combination of these treatments assist your body to re-establish awareness and an understanding of your body, mind, and heart connection.



A unique massage technique using eight essential oils to promote overall well-being. Great for calming the nervous system and bringing vitality back to your adrenals.

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage (including pregnancy)


  1. Full body therapeutic massage to relax the senses and sooth the soul – $90/hr
  2. Relaxation “me” time 1/2 hour massage including head, neck, back, shoulders, and foot spa (including pregnancy) – $60 for  1/2 hr

Childcare  – $40/hr

Caring for your baby and/or other siblings within the first 2-3 months after birth.

3 hours minimum.